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Parshat Ha’azinu

"The Song of Torah"

The verse from which we derive the mitzvah to write a Sefer Torah [Devorim 31:19] says "And now write for yourselves this song...” Thus we see the Torah refers to itself as a "Song". Wouldn’t this be somewhat degrading to make such a comparison?! Perhaps the following explanation can shed us some light.

With any field of study in the world, one uninitiated in that discipline gets no pleasure from hearing a theory or an insight concerning that field of study. For example, if one were to tell a physicist a "chiddush" in his field of expertise, he would get great pleasure from it. If, however, one were to share this same insight with someone who has never studied and never been interested in physics, he will be totally unmoved by it. The same applies to many, many other subjects.

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The Young Israel of Aberdeen - Congregation Bet Tefilah is an orthodox synagogue serving the Aberdeen, Hazlet, and Holmdel communities.

Led by Rabbi Yaakov Tesser, the Young Israel provides daily minyanim, classes, and special events. Additionally, Rabbi Tesser is available for personal consultations. Rabbi Tesser has been rabbinically ordained by Rabbi Shimon Alster, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Gedolah of Cliffwood, New Jersey. Rabbi Tesser studied at Yeshivah Gedolah of Cliffwood for ten years, including 3 and a half years in the Cliffwood Community Kollel Program. He also studied for 1 year and a half in Yeshivas Ner Moshe in Jerusalem.

We have an active Sisterhood that sponsors and organizes social and
educational events. The Sisterhood also raises funds to subsidize construction projects for the synagogue, such as the playground and garden. The Young Israel also maintains the neighborhood Eruv and provides hospitality for all visitors.

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